At 5 years old, my dad handed me a DV tape camcorder and told me Steven Spielberg started making movies at my age. I immediately took this as a challenge. From that point on I never stopped obsessing over film, first by making shorts involving family birthday parties and miniature toys. While attending middle school and high school in the suburbs north of New York City, my friends and I advanced to making goofy Youtube videos inspired by the Lonely Island comedy trio.
Through pursuing a film B.F.A. degree at Syracuse University, I had the opportunity to write and direct over a dozen short films in the narrative, experimental, documentary, promotional and music video genres. During this time, I also studied at FAMU film school in Prague, Czech Republic. 
 Since graduating, I've lived and worked in Brooklyn, New York, and Los Angeles, making amongst other works "First Night", a music video for my friend and musician Andy John Mendosa, "The Interview", an upcoming absurd comedy centered around a woman's thoughts leading up to a job intereview, and finishing "Roman Candle", my first feature film. I'm really excited to share "Roman Candle" and to continue working with friends and passionate filmmakers on humanist-centered, often absurd, genre focused feature films. 
I hope you enjoy viewing my site and the work I've been more than fortunate to be involved with so far. 
Sincerely, Joe Blank 
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